Things about which I was super wrong —an exercise in humility

So now that it’s summer, I have lots of time on my hands. Time to think loooong thoughts.

I started thinking about plans I’d made in summers past that hadn’t worked out. Then I started thinking about the fact that God doesn’t ask our permission before He does stuff…since we’re bad life-planners. And I thought I’d make a list off the top of my head of things I was wrong about in the past. Feel free to comment with similar lists of your own. Let’s go on a journey through our own mistakes as an exercise in humility.

1. I thought the E on podcasts meant it was rated E for everyone. So I let Drew listen.

2. I thought Drew would be more ready to nap if we took him to the zoo for 4 hours. Nope.

3. I thought whiskey would taste good if I drank it slow enough. I swallowed one sip, and immediately yelled out ‘poison!’ My lips went numb and I regretted it.

4. I assumed EVERYBODY loved The Last Jedi as much as I did. I was sitting in the theater, crying and whispering ‘I love you, Luke Skywalker’…but not everyone agreed. Those people don’t understand movies and they don’t appreciate Mark Hamill.

5. I thought I would be fluent in Spanish by now.

6. I thought I’d hate The Office, but it’s a mostly great show. I think Jim Halpert is overrated but whatever. I can defend my position. Moving on…

7. I thought The House Of Mirth would be a funny book. It was the opposite.

8. Did y’all know hubcaps were for decoration and the car would run fine without them?

9. Also, cars don’t explode as often as you think they will, it turns out.

10. I thought I’d get married around 28, to an older man who had his life together, and I’d work as a novelist or maybe radio host. Instead, I got married at 23 to a younger guy who had his life together, and I’ve worked in Christian schools for the past 9 years. I like my actual life better than the life I had envisioned.

Anyway, enjoy the rain if you’re anywhere in Central Texas. If not, enjoy the summer sun.

Thanks, team 🙂

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