The List

This is The List of goals I’d like to accomplish now that I’m 30. Things I’ve wanted to do but put off, tried to do but failed, and dreamed of doing but figured I was too stupid/scared/uncoordinated/immature. And I still may be. Regardless, they need to get done. Enough with the shortcuts. Some of them are just things I have wanted to do, and meant to do, and then forgot.

They are listed in no particular order, and I may add more in time. Some of them are things that may be difficult to judge—like, when do you know that you speak a language “passably well”?  But I’ll update you. And like I said in the first post, some of these things are unremarkable. But nonetheless important to me.

1. Write something for people to read.

2. Save a substantial amount of money.

3. Get stains out of the rug.

4. Speak Spanish passably well.

5. Bake things that start out as dough.

6. Cook a steak.

7. Get through a long, boring, classic book so I understand cultural references.

8. Sit through a long, famous, classic movie so I understand references and jokes.

9. Learn how football works.

10. Learn how finance works. Like, even a LITTLE.

11. Expand my food horizons.

12. Learn to apply eyeliner.

13. Travel. Internationally. Without freaking out.

14. Learn how to use a compass. Just in case. 

15. Drive on the highway. Without freaking out.

16. …really, learn ANYTHING about cars.

17. Learn how the U.S. government works. 

18. Keep a plant alive. Preferably an edible one.

19. Fix minor problems with clothes (so…sewing, I guess).

20. Fix ANY broken thing…just fix something.






  1. Kristen Hunter

    Loving your blogs. Your way ahead of me!I am 60 and still avoid the highway! You are also awesome at picking out the perfect dress for your niece🙂 keep writing❤️


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