Library Dragon

Well, team, it’s the 9th month of 2021. And I haven’t written here for…it seems like ever. I don’t have much to talk about, so let’s talk about positive stuff. For instance, we have a lizard now.

Trogdor Bark Hunter is his name…Yep, a lizard. He’s almost 18 inches long, he has a ripply blue tongue, he’s named after the dragon from Homestarrunner, and he terrifies me.

Thomas and Andrew love him. Thomas bought him a beautiful terrarium and some fake plants, baked a bunch of mulch for him to walk around on, ordered and then set up a special lamp, and found all the cat food and snails we needed. I gagged and complained the whole way. Then, Andrew came home from school and realized his long-prayed-for pet had arrived. “Trogdor!”, he cried as he raced into the house. “My pet I always wanted to keep me safe from predators!” 

Trogdor spends most of the day buried beneath his basking stone (a slab that looks like a gray cutting board), then creeps out to gobble cat food and stare with his suspicious little eyes.

I’m getting more used to him—of course Thom is the only one who’s ever held him. Drew would love to walk him outside on a leash, but blue-tongued skinks are vulnerable to fire ants and hawks. I need to add more stuff to The List—being less nervous around animals could be on List 2. I mean, wasn’t it Coleridge who said “He prayeth well that loveth well/ both man and bird and beast”? I think so.

Thomas and I have been married for 10 years now; that’s something else to celebrate. We didn’t really get each other presents, because we’re planning a trip. Delta has put a hitch in that, but we’re still hoping to go.

We got a new couch—you wouldn’t believe what that does for your life. TV watched on a comfy sectional with fluffy blue pillows is so different from tv watched on an iPad while lying in bed. Thank you, Lawrence and Kristen, for getting us this couch. My father-in-law has opinions about how a couch should feel, and clearly he knows what he’s about.

I’ve discovered a new podcast about Orthodox theology and another one about Betty Broderick…very different themes, but equally great music. 

And now I have work to do, so…happy Sunday, everyone. Next time I’ll have something profound to say, but sometimes my brain needs a couch. 

P.S. Trogdor lives in the office so I think Thomas might be about to become a supervillain…dragon in the library. I don’t know.

P.S. The lizard in the picture is not him —Thom refused to sign the waiver.


  1. weavingroads

    My 20 year-old self once tried to adopt a gorgeous green (maybe they’re all green 🤔) 20(?)inch iguana from a neighboring college girl. It had a beautiful homemade cage with all the habitat decor a cold-blooded creature could want. I was thrilled to try caring for a pet other than a purring or wagging furry baby. Alas, I’ve forgotten the name of that reptile. Not only did its beady eyes and silent stares creep me out, but it also spurned my cuddling tendencies(ie.petting its skin) by biting me! Fortunately for me and the lizard, the owner had missed it and was happy to get it back.
    A blue-tongued skink sounds like a great library pet and I wish you well as you keep one eye on your husband, another on Drew and the third eye(all mother’s have one) on the skink😘

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