Big Kid

So I’ve been distracted recently…school happens every day, after all. My kids are wonderful and it’s been a lot of fun, but I’ve really neglected the blog. So, Grownups, Awkwards, here’s a few updates on what I know you most want to hear about…Andrew.

  1. He’s learned to count to nearly 40, although he says ‘five-teen’ instead of fifteen.
  2. He’s scared of the train again. I thought we were over that, but no.
  3. He keeps telling people he has a brother. He doesn’t. 
  4. He likes to pretend to be a baby, and uses the most annoying baby voice on earth. Ugh, it makes my skin crawl! Especially since, when he really WAS a baby, he was the loudest one in Texas.
  5. His favorite movie at the moment is The Empire Strikes Back, followed closely by Mulan. He tells us, “I’m a Wampa, I eat you, Luke Skywalker!” Then he stands still, and says, “lie on the ground, Luke Skywalker!” And he delivers Obi Wan’s speech about going to meet Yoda, while I groan and repeat “Ben! Dagoba!”
  6. It’s weirder when he wants me to be Mulan, and he’s Mulan’s Dad. We went to Cabella’s the other day to get wool socks, and he found one of those walking sticks. All of a sudden he’s limping around and saying, “I am ready to serve the Emperor!” and telling me that the greatest honor is having me for his daughter. We…got fewer looks than I expected.
  7. He says he has a girlfriend.
  8. ….sorry, that last one…ok, I can continue.
  9. My husband was in Wisconsin for a week for school, and Drew and I got along ok…we spent most of the time at my parents’ house, but still, it renews my respect for single moms. He weighs 40 lbs—after a week of lifting him in and out of the car, all my muscles hurt. 40 lbs…wow.
  10. Yesterday he ate a bowl of cereal with milk for the first time, without making a mess. It was so grownup. I don’t know why, but it really freaked me out.
  11. …a girlfriend…ok, back to the thing—
  12. I taught him to sing “We Built this City”. I don’t care what VH1 says, that song is incredible. I don’t know if he’s a good singer, but he is a confident one—his voice is very loud and full of conviction.
  13. He argues about EVERYTHING. I mean, if saying, “No,” to everything is arguing. Like, when I say, “You’re going to be nice, not ugly,” and he says, “No! Ugly!” Or when I say, “Say ‘yes ma’am’,” and he says, “No! Yes, sir!” It’s hard to refute those sorts of basic, uninformed points. So I usually just say, “Do you WANT to watch ‘Empire Strikes Back’, or not?” He is a nerd, like his father before him.

Anyway, that’s where we are—3 years, 9 months, and a complete jerk a third of the time, while two-thirds of the time he’s so awesome you just want to clone him. Sorry, too much Star Wars. What with watching ‘Empire Strikes Back’ every day, pretending to be Luke Skywalker every night, and having to explain loud comments like “You’re white like a Wampa!” in public, I’ve become well-tuned to the ways of the Force. 

And the last movie was good, ok? I don’t care what my brother-in-law says.

—thanks, team 🤓


  1. live_a_life_less_ordinary

    Andrew sounds hilarious. And We Built This City is a great song. Good to hear from you… have a great weekend!

    (Dear everyone in the world, when you’re playing Catan and you build your first city, do you sing “we built this city on rooooock aaaaand wheeeeeat…” or is it just me?)


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