If I Had a Siren, but I don’t. Just read this.

I need you guys out there to do me a favor.

This isn’t a post about me/Drew/List stuff…I won’t be whining about little things or kvetching about my own immaturity and laziness. No, I need something. I need you guys to say a prayer. A bunch of them. I need you to ask God to heal someone.

I have a friend—a good woman, a mother and wife who raises chickens and grows flowers. My friend has a little sister. Just a girl, a high school student. This girl is very sick. They found something in her body and she’s in crazy pain.

There are other words I could say but I don’t understand them—the name of the disease, the treatment plan, the different things they’ve already given her in the hospital. She has a long road ahead of her, and she lost her father a few years ago…a loving father.

She’s scared and she’s sick and she’s just a kid. She’s not a Grownup—she’s a little girl. And I need you to help me pray for her.

It isn’t often I pray without reasoning. Most of the times I ask God for something, I hem and haw and bargain first. But when my friend told me that her sister—let’s call her Grace—was ill, my quick response was “I’m going to beg Jesus shamelessly.”

Please, help me—beg, pray, beseech, request. Hammer on the door. 

I know that the Lord has His own conversations with this child—they’ve had a lifetime to get to know each other. But she has her fears right now, and she has to live every day with them. That is exhausting, and she can’t talk to him all day and all night—she has to sleep. 

Jesus, have mercy. Have mercy.

If you don’t believe in God and you’re reading this anyway, well, this is what we do, we Christ-followers. We beg him. If you haven’t read the New Testament, people did it all the time while Jesus was on earth. We believe that He isn’t intimidated by our questions, and that He listens to our requests. He does what He does, but we believe He listens. And He can heal.

Thanks, team. If I could turn on an air raid siren, I would. All I have is this, but I know some of you guys are on other sides of the world…if only someone was praying while Grace was sleeping. We all sleep in his hands anyway.

Thanks, team. 

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